Studio Openings

Currently, I'm accepting students into my private studio of any level. 

Teaching Philosophy
Every student is an individual and every student deserves to be treated as such.  Though I cover the same basic technical bases with all students in order to create a solid technical and musical background, I tailor lessons to the needs of each student.  My main goal is to teach every student how to practice effectively and to take control of their time spent practicing at home.  To a accomplish this, I help every student develop a regimen of intelligent and consistent daily practice involving a good mixture of technical exercises and literature. 

Materials Used
For beginning to advancing string players, I like to use the Wolfhart Etudes and the early Suzuki Books, supplemented by other materials when needed.  Please note that I am not a trained Suzuki teacher, but a fan of the materials.  For intermediate to advanced students, I assign materials consistent with their current abilities including scales, etudes and repertoire.
30 minute lesson-$25.00

45 minute lesson-$35.00
60 minute lesson-$50.00

*The minimum lesson time is 30 minutes, though, in special circumstances, shorter lessons can be arranged given the age or needs of the individual student.